At Academia Sánchez-Casal we know that to help develop High Performance student athletes you need High Performance Coaches.Our coaches are certified by both the RPT (Registro Profesional de Tenis) and the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association)

  • Emilio Sanchez
    Co-Fundador (CEO ASC – FLORIDA)
    Education / Credentials

    Certifications: USPTA Elite Certified. RPT Certified. International Coaches Institute (ICI) Competitive & Professional Certifications.
    Qualifications: Ex ATP player.

  • Daniel Sorribas
    Academy Director
    Education / Credentials

    Over 30 years tennis teaching experience. Master of coaches. He is an International Tennis Coach (National Professor of Tennis of National Sports Department of Ministry of Education of Republic Argentina, National Coach Argentine Tennis Association, RPT Spain, RPT Europe & USPTA).
    Besides, he was the coach of ITF Junior Champion Federico Browne and U14 World Champion Diego Moyano. Moreover, over five years he was the Tennis Promotion Manager of Prince Argentina. Daniel was the director of technical development and coach education of Academia Sánchez-Casal Barcelona.

  • Cristian Luque
    Physical Training Director
    Education / Credentials

    A Spanish professional physical coach. He honored Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and Master Degree in High Performance Sport.
        - Director of Sports science department in Sánchez -Casal Barcelona since june 2015 to september 2015.
        - Head strength and conditioning coach competition group in Sánchez -Casal Barcelona.
        - Head strength and conditioning coach of girls junior competition group in Sánchez -Casal Barcelona.
        - Responsible of physical training contents of coach course in Sánchez -Casal Barcelona.

  • Javier Espinosa
    Education / Credentials

    Wide experience in organising tennis competitions for young talented players with the aim to participate in professional tournaments. Strong ability and good experience in sports training of children with developmental disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, physical disability, etc.
    As the professional tennis player, he won the U12 Doubles Champion, U18 Doubles Champion and highest ranking was No.3 in U16 Spain.
    He was the enlighten coach of Albert Ramos which is the current world highest single rank No. 32 player.

  • Pedro Magalhaes
    Education / Credentials

    An excellent Portuguese tennis coach.
        - Academia Sánchez-Casal coach for 8 years. (Bcn 7 years and Naples 1 year)
        - Responsible for the Girls Junior Group in S-C Barcelona.
        - Coach of Maria Joao Koehler (Portugal) 130WTA at the time.
        - Coach of Maria Sakkari (Greece) 117WTA at the moment.
        - Coach of Angela Leweurs (France) ex French Junior Champion.