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    Customized dietary care for each of our athletes.
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    High quality, locally-grown produce for a healthy Mediterranean diet.
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    Personalized advice on nutritional supplements.
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How do Sánchez-Casal players approach nutrition?

The Nutrition is a key factor in the player´s tennis development because it has direct influence on the performance and development as a student-athlete. Thanks to Food & Beverage Department and Sánchez-Casal La Masía Restaurant, all players will develop properly in this important aspect.

Nutrición deportiva

Nutritional Guide, Healthy Nutrition

The Guide that we created has rules, advices for tennis players and we are really proud of that because thanks to a properly nutrition, a student-athlete reduces injuries, improve performance. We try to convince the player that good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle and what is more important, that maintaining a healthy athletic performance isn't just a matter of training.

Nutrición deportiva

Taking care of the players

At lunch/dinners, nutrition specialist from University of Barcelona, supervising what the players are eating. Tennis and Fitness tutors are in the Restaurant in order to control that the player is eating properly. The Academy has an agreement with an external nutritionist who will give that extra help to the player, but anyway everyday they receive advices for travel, for tournaments.


The company's philosophy is the customized dietary care for each of our student-athletes, so Food & Beverages Department is informed of each player's training schedule and allows to adjust the diet to each stage of training, competition, recovery. The Academy runs and special nutrition program for annual players under 10 years old, and thanks to the supervision of two ES International teachers, they will learn how and what to eat.

Energy Point

Fitness coaches provides water, fruits, etc to the player (under de annual, monthly, weekly program) who make the transition to tennis, or to fitness, or to the ES International School.