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    Improve physical fitness.
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    Train the body, educate the mind.
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    Create personalized training programs.
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    Use new technologies.
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The fitness department works together with the Sánchez-Casal Academy tennis coaches in order to improve the physical abilities of players and develop plans to prevent the most common injuries in sports. The physical fitness department ultimately provides for the educational needs of the athlete by promoting respect for the body and emphasizing the values that only sport can offer, while helping players develop both as athletes and as effective young adults.

Preparación física

Personalized training programs are created for each player, adapted to their biological and developmental age.The use of new technologies and the most up-to-date training Systems permit players to improve their physical conditioning within their individual capabilities. Such individualization is seamlessly integrated into the Sánchez-Casal Academy training method.

Preparación física

Initial tests are conducted to evaluate the physical condition of each player and these tests are repeated periodically, allowing players to adapt their training plan to their own specific needs and tournament schedules.