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    Develop mental techniques for achieving goals
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    Apply on-court mental coaching system
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    What is not known, and is not, you can not beat
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    Use new technologies.
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Sports psychology

The Psychology Department at the Sanchez-Casal Academy aims to establish the emotional, academic, sporting and social welfare of students.One of our roles is to seek the balance in our players in order to maximize their full potential. That is why our coaches, trainers and teachers work in a holistic way.

This department is defined in two specific areas: a sports area in which we work in groups and on court with the aim to help each player develop different techniques to achieve objectives. And, on the other hand, a psychological support oriented toward an emotional and personal wellbeing.

Our job is also to evaluate, treat and propose objectives. For this purpose, we conduct trainings and individual or group sessions with our students.

Sports psychology